Why Our Prices Are So Low

The Situation

We have developed effective methods to significantly reduce healthcare expenses while providing excellent care to all. One of these approaches involves establishing consistent pricing, eliminating the need to worry about unfamiliar insurance expenses. Additionally, data-driven technology has been employed to optimize and accelerate the process of receiving medical attention. Furthermore, a Symptom Checker tool has been created, which is accessible for free, and can compare your symptoms to those of millions of people, assisting you in determining if you require a consultation with a clinician or if in-person care is necessary.

Standardized pricing

We strive to keep our prices lower than other telemedicine and in-person medical providers. Our pricing model is simple, with straightforward fees that remain the same regardless of your condition or treatment, and whether or not you have insurance. We do not charge copays, hidden fees, or high deductibles for primary care visits, as many insurance plans do.
We offer flexible payment options, including one-time visits or monthly memberships for Primary Care or Mental Health services. The Primary Care membership provides visits and follow-ups as needed, as well as chronic condition management and care for children aged 3-17. The Mental Health membership offers personalized text-based treatment for anxiety and depression, in addition to all Primary Care services.
You will not incur any additional costs for the services we provide, unless you require a prescription medication or an in-person lab test, equipment, imaging, or referral. We also offer a mail-order pharmacy service that can fill some prescriptions in-house and deliver them directly to your door for an extra fee. Please note that our services are not an insurance product.

Smart technology

Our advanced technology allows our clinicians to focus more on diagnosing and treating you, and less on triage, scheduling, and intake paperwork. Our data-driven Symptom Checker asks questions about your symptoms and compares them to the anonymous medical records of others with similar situations within seconds.

When you initiate a chat with a clinician on our platform, they have immediate access to your prior responses, which helps them diagnose you in minutes and determine the best course of action.

Our technology also provides helpful information to assist you in deciding whether you need medical care or if your condition can be treated remotely, allowing you to save on costs associated with doctor’s visits, emergency room visits, or urgent care centers.

Remote visits

We provides virtual care services and can treat hundreds of chronic and urgent conditions remotely. Our Urgent Care clinicians are available 24/7 via our text-based app and web platform, which helps reduce the costs typically associated with traditional office hours, such as taking time off work and childcare. Remote visits also help you save on expenses like transportation and parking.

In addition, our wait times are generally shorter than those of traditional healthcare providers.

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