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Talk with a doctor for treatment for your kids and reassurance for you—just $99.

Minimize chaos when your kid is sick


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Pay $99 for one visit

Pay $99 to talk with a doctor—regardless of insurance. You can get unlimited care for your kids—and you.

Talk with a Doctor

Skip urgent care and keep your sick kid at home. Doctors are available — only appointment is needed.

Get peace of mind

A doctor gives you a treatment plan and sends in a prescription, if needed. We’re just a text away if things don’t improve

Health Shouldn't Require Wealth.

By treating you remotely and immediately, we save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does TeleHealthUS Pediatrics work?

To have a virtual pediatric consultation with TeleHealthUS. Input your child’s symptoms to access diagnosis and treatment information based on data from thousands of doctors and millions of patients. After reviewing the likely results, select “Chat with a Clinician” to connect with a doctor within minutes.

During interactions with USA Health Pediatrics, your child must be present with you. At the beginning of the doctor chat, you may be asked to submit a photo of your child, and the doctor may request that you observe certain things such as your child’s comfort level, temperature, or the presence of a rash.

TeleHealthUSA understands that children can be fidgety during visits, which is why most consultations are text-based. However, there may be instances where the doctor needs to see something more closely, in which case you may be asked to join a quick video chat or submit photos or a brief video. You will receive a text message and in-app notification when the doctor is available to chat

TeleHealthUS Pediatrics is for parents with children between the ages of 3 and 17. The parent must provide answers to questions on behalf of the child, and the child must be present during the call. You just need to click on get started and schedule a call with doctors. 

You can use our Pediatrics services in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Children between the ages of 3 and 17 require parental consent to use TeleHealthUS Pediatrics services.


Normally, you can connect with a doctor in less than 60 minutes using the TeleHealthUS website, and doctors are available around the clock.

All our doctors at TeleHealthUS are board-certified and have extensive experience treating children. They are well-trained to work with families remotely, and they are part of a collaborative, rigorous process to identify and adopt the highest standards of clinical care.

TeleHealth’s doctors can diagnose and treat most of the medical conditions that require an in-person pediatrician visit. However, certain ailments such as ear infections and strep throat typically need an in-person evaluation. Our clinicians can evaluate the severity of symptoms, offer guidance on supportive care, and prescribe medication as required.

Diagnosing COVID-19 can be challenging in children, so our doctors may not be able to diagnose it remotely. Nevertheless, they can provide suggestions on the best way to manage symptoms and the appropriate next steps.