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Regardless of your insurance status, you can pay a fixed fee for medical care. You can choose to pay $99 monthly membership, which offers unlimited visits for you and your children aged 3 years or above

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide doctor's notes and sick notes?

For Urgent visits, TelehealthUS affiliated doctors can provide notes for children to return to school, activities, camp, or other obligations if needed. However, for adult visits, the clinicians can only provide a note indicating the date of the visit and the care that was provided.

TeleHealthUS is HIPAA-compliant and we apply high-security standards to protect your personal information and your privacy. TeleHealthUS is also compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). We will use your data only to improve our services and to provide them to you. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Yes, online doctors can be a great option for non-emergency medical care. TeleHealth-affiliated clinicians are equipped to treat and prescribe medication for most medical issues, as well as anxiety and depression. Clinicians are available 7 days a week with an appointment required.